Nifty Dart Info


a. From floor to center of bull 5' 8" 1.73m - vertical
b. Throwing line to face of board 7' 9 1/4" 2.37m - horizontal
c. Throwing line to center of bull 9' 7 3/8" 2.93m - diagonal

Move only the lower arm and wrist, keeping the rest of the body absolutely still. Be relaxed, comfortable, balanced and concentrate.

Follow through as in most sports, golf, tennis, basketball. On release of the dart the arm should be fully extended, the hand open wide on release.

Be prepared to move around on the tow line when your target is obscured.

Try not to twist or rotate the dart before release.

The top pros practice four hours per day. Sure you can play at home in perfect silence, don't. Just remember, playing in a bar, pub or tournament is far from quiet.

Be a sportsman, follow dart etiquette at all times, even at home.

Board Care

1. Rotate the number ring weekly, say four segments at a time, ensure that number 20 is still in a black segment.

2. On completion of a game, do not leave the darts in the board.

3. Do not dampen or soak the board.

4. Do not hurl darts as hard as possible, from any distance.

5. Do not used barbed darts.

6. Light the board with a cool light bulb.

7. Take out the darts one at a time, not by the handful