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  • Dart Board Surround

    Dart Board Surround

     Harrows Dart Board Surround Protects walls from dart point damage. Assemble in 30 seconds Please call regarding shipping charge toll free 1-800-684-9914 or 604-684-9914  


  • Aluminum Chalk Holder

    Aluminum Chalk Holder

    Aluminum chalk holder with one piece of chalk inside. Keep your fingers clean while keeping score. GREAT PRICE! 


  • Unicorn Oche-Mate

    Unicorn Oche-Mate

    A simple and foolproof way to set up a dartboard ready for tournament play! Incorporates a unique measure for the diagonal from the Oche to the center Bullseye Also measures both vertical and horizontal dimensions...


  • Harrows Extractor Tool

    Harrows Extractor Tool

     Removes broken shafts! Place tool over thread. Press firmly and twist in an anti-clockwise direction. 


  • Dart Throw Line - Union Jack

    Dart Throw Line - Union Jack

    Throw Line - Union Jack Good quality plastic, adhesive back to easily to fix it onto the floor, made in U.K. Brand: Harrows $ 7.95


  • Darts Mat

    Darts Mat

     Harrows Darts Mat Heavy duty industrial strength rubber. International throw lines printed, heavy duty 3mm thick rubber,suitable for tournaments plus pub, club and home use Please call regarding shipping cost toll free 1-800-982-0220  or 604-684-9914