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If you are looking for some antique brass hardware to match your existing hardware, you probably already know how hard it is to find.

Most of it gets recycled as scrap metal, that is a shame, but fear not!

It is possible to find a good quality reproduction hardware and give it that antique look to match the shade of the hardware that you have, it is simple and you probably have what you need already at home.

Please note that the following methods work with solid brass hardware like the ones on our website, not with brass plated hardware.

Most of the newly produced hardware has a clear film that protects it from tarnish called lacquer if your hardware has this finish follow the following instructions if not just wash with soap and let it dry before proceeding to the next step.

To remove the lacquer use nail polish remover or paint remover.

Please use caution during this process, use gloves and if possible do this outside or in an aired room.

Be sure to coat every corner of the object, wait few minutes before washing with hot water.

Check if the lacquer is removed and repeat the process if necessary.

When all your lacquer is been removed let the hardware dry.

Our favorite method to age brass is with vinegar, is nontoxic, most people have it in their kitchen and is quicker than using salt and water.

Any type of vinegar will do! It a relatively slow process so be patient: 

Apply vinegar with a brush or simply dip the piece in it. Allow it to dry, then apply an additional coat if you'd like a darker color.

You can speed up the process applying heat with a hairdryer, remember to be careful:  brass is a metal so it will be hot.

When you achieve your desired color wash and dry your hardware.


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