How To Hang A Dartboard

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 So you bought a dartboard and now you are wondering how to have the perfect setting in your home, man (or lady) cave, garage or pub.

Some useful information is located below.

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Make sure to have a horseshoe bracket to hang your dartboard, our boards come with brackets but you can buy them separately if you like.

Screw the horseshoe bracket onto the wall. The dartboard screw goes in the center of the back of the board.

At this point, you can put the spacers at the back of the board. However, this is optional.

The only thing left to do is hang the board, putting the center screw in the wall bracket with the 20 at the top.


a. From floor to center of bull's eye 5' 8" 1.73m - vertical
b. Throwing line to face of board 7' 9 1/4" 2.37m - horizontal
c. Throwing line to center of bull's eye 9' 7 3/8" 2.93m - diagonal


Board Care

1. Rotate the number ring often, making sure that number 20 is still in a black segment.

2. On completion of a game, do not leave the darts inside the board.

3. Do not dampen or soak the board.

4. Do not hurl darts as hard as possible, from any distance.

6. Light the board with a cool light bulb.

7. Take out the darts one at a time, not by the handful

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  • Hey Lorraine, Thanks for posting this Important post about the Hanging process of the dartboard It’s Helpful & Informative. I have hung a dartboard into our club today after reading your Post. thanks

    Debbi Mims on

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